Although it was under some very difficult circumstances back in 1967-1968 that God first put it in the heart of Bob Sr. to minister in Viet Nam, it would be over 25 years before the vision became a reality. In the years since God has opened many doors of opportunity there, and we have been honored to have a part in His plan for this nation.

Deaf work:
When Evelyn started holding some small sign language classes in order to reach out to the deaf back in the early 90 's, she had no idea that one of her first students would some day be an interpreter on national news! Over the years we have remained very involved in helping the Deaf community through livelihood projects and personal encouragement. With joy we have seen projects expand throughout the country.

Leper Ministry:
Through a series of events that only God could have orchestrated, we have been delighted to partner with a ministry that is reaching out to leper centers in Viet Nam. In most countries of the world the Biblical plague of leprosy has been eradicated, but in the areas where it persists those who are infected are restricted to living in centers. What we often don't think about is the effect this has on the entire family. The spouse and children often move there as well. At best their life is restricted, at worst they could contract leprosy. God has raised up an amazing woman of faith who leads a ministry not only to the lepers but to their families as well. No matter who we are, or what our situation is, in God there is hope and a future! Because of several different issues, access to the colonies is limited, but there is no limit to prayer.­ Because we are working through local leaders, finances that are given are able to have a maximum impact in helping those whose lives are affected by leprosy.